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Isaac Albéniz was one of Spain’s greatest national composers who composed during the late romantic time period. He was a child prodigy who gave his first public piano performance at the age of 4. As a child, he studied at many universities and even won the Brussels Conservatory’s first prize. Franz Liszt, another famous composer,  was one of his teachers. Albéniz traveled widely, living at various places where he composed, taught, and performed.  He is most famous for his piano music, including, Iberia, an impressionistic 12-section suite that describes Spanish places and dances.  

Prelude (also known as Preludio in Spanish) is the first of five pieces in Chants d'Espagne, (Songs of Spain), published in 1892. The beginning fast part sounds like a Flamenco dancer tapping his feet on the wooden floor. The second section is a similar to the copla, a Spanish song, because it sounds like a verse that can be sung. The music changes between a solo and accompaniment that is typical Flamenco style. I've loved this song from the very first time I heard my piano teacher play it. I hope you enjoy it as well.

My brother has been watching us play for the past few years, and has now decided he wants to join the instrument fun.  He wants to play the guitar but my mom said that he is too young to learn the guitar and should start out with the piano first. It will give him a good foundation in music and reading notes.  When we recorded, he was playing for just 3 days, and this was his first song he learned by memory.  He has been practicing every single day and now has almost finished learning his first piano primary book. Like when he learned to read, he started with his alphabet. Today Michael will play for you the ABC song. 

What did Prelude sound like to you?  

Any advice or words of encouragement you want to give Michael who is just starting to learn an instrument?


  1. Dear Miriam and Michael,
    We are glad to see you play different kind of music and I never heard before about this Spanish composer, but the music is beautiful. Who selected for you this music? Very good choice.
    As for Michael it's a good start, I hope he has the patience to continue to practice, it's hard job, he has a very good example from his sisters and you Miriam as an older sister can always help him.
    We are almost done with our vacation and soon will see you and you can play your new work for us. it was nice to see ou all on skype today.
    Kiss you,
    Love Grandma Tanya and Grandpa Eugene

  2. @ Miriam,

    ¡Magnifico! ¡Fantastico! ¡Brava!

    How do you like my Spanish? :-)

    I really enjoyed listening to you play. You might not know this, but I lived in Spain for several summers when I was just starting in as a teacher. I was hired to teach English to Basque children up in northern Spain. The Spanish culture was so warm and welcoming, and the people were wonderful. My Spanish students were quite accomplished with languages. Some of the languages the students spoke were: Spanish, Basque, English, German, French, and Italian. It was remarkable!

    You are really progressing as a pianist! Thank you for sharing your music with me! I miss seeing your family, but this is a great way for us to keep in touch!

    Michael, great beginning for you! I agree with your mom; the piano is the best place to begin a musical journey. Once you know the piano, other instruments are easier to play. I can't wait to watch your progress!

    Your fan,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

  3. Dear Miriam and Michael,

    I enjoyed both of you play on the piano. Miriam, that was very incredible when you played that song. Michael, awesome job mastering a song you memorized on the piano! I bet you are going to be a great pianist, or soon you could be a guitar player, violinist, or even a drummer!

    Miriam, prelude sounded fast and complicated to play on the piano. I noticed how fast your fingers were going in the beginning. That song was pretty long! Keep up the good work!

    Michael, when you play piano, I think you should believe in yourself and don't start stressing yourself out while playing piano on your future recitals, performances, etc. Good luck on mastering the piano!
    ~Stay Awesome <3~
    Andrielle <3

    P.S. Come check out my blog! Here is the link:
    Thank you!

  4. Miriam and Michael,


    What a lovely song! I could have listened to it for hours. I myself have been playing piano now for about 4-5 years and I have surprisingly never heard a song like this. You seem to be very talented and I would just like to say, don't ever give up! Just keep at it.

    And your brother Michael, I hope he really enjoys learning to play the piano. My own younger brother has also just recently started to learn the piano. I'd advise him to play as many songs as he likes. Sticking to a song that you don't like can quickly discourage you. But don't just stick with the easy one either! Chose ones that are just above your currently level that you think you'll enjoy playing and go at it. With enough determination Michael, you could even pass your sister one day!

    Have fun,
    S. Lewis

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