Sunday, November 25, 2012

My Edublog Nominations 2012

I am very excited to be part of the Edublog nomination process.  I have been blogging for two and a half years, and I have come across many interesting blogs that deserve an award.  

Here is my list of blogs that I nominated:


Best Class Blog

Mrs Yollis’ Classroom Blog

Mrs. Yollis has been an inspiration to many current and new bloggers. She started me on the path to blogging and I am grateful to her for it.  She has a new interesting post up almost every week and supports her student bloggers by leaving comments on their blogs.  She also comments back to many of her readers on her blog.


 Best Student Blog

Come Somersault with Sarah

One of my favorite student bloggers is Sarah's blog.  Sarah is my younger sister, and she has become a great blogger. She has been blogging for one and a half years and publishes new posts a couple of times a month a

Best Twitter Hashtag


I love the #comments4kids hashtag! When I publish a new post, Mrs. Yollis tweets it out using this hashtag.  I always get some really lovely comments from everyone that received her tweet. It is wonderful!

Most Influential Blog Post

Family Blogging Month By: Mrs Yollis’ Class

Mrs. Yollis came up with the idea of having family blogging month a few years ago.  She does Family Blogging Month in the Spring and in the Winter. This is a great way for family to find out what we learn in class.  Last year a lot of my relatives participated in her blog. She also likes to compliment the family's comment by giving each child a point on a chart for every comment they received.  At the end, the student with the most points gets a prize and a chance to do a guest post on her blog.

Check out these great blogs and let me know what you think!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Race Day

Training for the 5k is exciting, but competing in the race is even better.  My day started on a chilly morning with the sun almost out.  I warmed up with my track and field group that were also getting ready to run the race.  There were thousands of people watching, walking or running the race.  While I was resting from my warm-up,  I looked around, and tried to  find the start line.  Since there were so many people, I couldn't even see it! There was also a DJ warming everyone up before the race.  A giant clock counted down until 8:00 am and the horn blew the start of the race.

We were running a large loop around the streets in our neighborhood. The week before the race, I ran this loop in practice 3 times.  I was just halfway through the race when the sprinklers of the house I was running next to went off.  I got soaking wet, and it felt great to get wet midway through the race.  Toward the end of the race, my PE teacher was standing and cheering me on. As I made my way to the finish line, my mom and sister cheered me on as well. It was a lot of fun seeing Mrs. Yollis and some of my other teachers at the community event.

Next to race, there were there were many different booths set up advertising and giving away free samples of different foods and drinks.  Later, we went to check my race time on the board and I came in 7th place in the 10 and under group with a time of 28:16.2.  I was extremely happy that I was in the top ten and that my hard work payed off.  I will be joining the track and field team in February to become even faster.

Look at all the cold runners behind me


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Disney Hall Concert

At the end of summer, my family and I went to see a concert at the Disney Hall.   Unlike the other stages with the orchestra in the front and seating in back, the Disney hall is a round circular hall that has seats all around it.  It is also has an interesting shape from the outside.    Disney Hall construction started in 1994 and finished in 2003.  The project was launched in 1992, when Lilian Disney, widow of Walt Disney, donated $50 million.   The Disney Hall has an amazing acoustic sound so even thought there weren't a lot of musicians, there was a lot of sound.

The Palpiti Arts (the name of the program) supports musicians ages 19-32 and invites then to come from different countries to perform in the U.S. One of the violin soloists, Pavel Sporcl, had a blue violin specially made for him by a Czech violin maker Jon Spidlen. My favorite piece  played that evening, Minimax, was by Paul Hindemith and this piece made everyone laugh.  It was a parody on military music and had some funny sounds and funny interactions between the different instruments.  The name Minimax came from combining the name of Prince of Furstenbuer two pet names, Maxi and Minzi.


Top of the building

What interesting building have you seen?
Where were they located?