Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hiking Waimea Canyon

Today in Kauai we visited the Waimea Canyon also known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific.   To me the canyon looked like a miniature Grand Canyon but with a lot of green plants all over it.  It is much smaller than the Grand Canyon, only 26 miles across and 21 miles north to south, but it has tall mountains, deep canyons, rivers, and waterfalls.  Captain Cook was the first one to set foot and discover Waimea Canyon 1778.   What was so interesting about the canyon was its colors.  The canyons colors were red, green, blue, gray and purple which was very attractive to me. 

Waimea Valley

The canyon was carved thousands of years ago by numerous amounts of floods and rivers flowing down from the wettest point on earth of Mount Waialeale. It receives an average of 466 inches of rain each year.  The lines in the canyon walls were made by eruptive volcanoes and lava flows that had occurred over the centuries.

We hiked the Canyon Trail up to the waterfall. In the beginning the trail was shady, cool, with great views. However, the last half a mile, the hike became very difficult because most of it was up hill and at times had also steep drops.  Sometimes we also had to climb rocks.    On the way we sang different songs.  We also stopped at different viewpoints to see the canyon from different locations.  At one of the viewpoints we even saw a wild goat!

When we finally got to Waipo'o Falls, we were so hot that we jumped into the very cold pool the waterfall made. Since it was the summer, the pool didn’t have much water in it.  Waipo'o Falls is a fantastic waterfall on Kokee Stream dropping 800 ft.!  We only went to the first fall and were too exhausted to go to the top and see the fall from the top. We still had a good time looking up from the bottom of the fall.

When we finally cooled down and had a picnic we trekked up the long way back.   On the way back from Waimea we saw a rainbow.  We saw four more rainbows that day.  It was a marvelous day!


Climbing down steep rocks to get to the waterfall


Swimming near the waterfall

What interesting places have you hiked?

Friday, June 22, 2012

Aloha from Kauai, Hawaii

Acacia trees
Aloha from Kauai, Hawaii.  Last year, we went to the Big Island, Hawaii, but this year we are in Kauai.  Today, we explored the south part of the island.  We went snorkeling in Poipu Beach.  Kauai is very green and on the way to Poipu Beach we saw thick, tall, green vine type trees.  We also saw many tall flat top trees called Acacia trees.  We noticed many different shades of green in the forest, going from light yellow-green grass, green trees, and finally dark green trees.  There were many cows grazing on the green grass and also roosters, chickens, and baby chicks waddling and eating the grains from the grass.  It was my first time seeing real roosters, chickens, and baby chicks!

Cows grazing

Chickens Waddling

When we arrived on the beach it was raining warm rain.  We waited until the rain stopped, and then we headed out to the beach.  We put on our snorkels and fins and then went into the water.  The fish in the water were the prettiest that I have ever seen.  There were huge rainbow fish, striped fish, and other different color and types of fish.  Check out my last years Hawaiipost that has a page of a book with the types of fish we saw.  A Hawaii local gave us a tip that the fish love frozen peas.  My mom gave us a few to feed the fish while snorkeling.  The fish would swarm around us to and nibble the pea out of our fingers.  Poipu Snorkeling Beach was a lot of fun!
In the afternoon, after the snorkeling we went to Spouting Horn.  Spouting Horn is lava rock with holes inside it.  When an ocean wave hits the rock and water comes in the holes of the lava rock, the water inside the hole spouts out like a whale.  It was very interesting and wet!

Have you ever gone snorkeling? 
What was the most interesting thing you saw?

Monday, June 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Papa!

Custom Glitter Text


Today is my dad's birthday!  We all woke up very early and put up happy birthday signs all of over our home.  We then burst into my parents bedroom and wished my dad a happy birthday. 








our presents

For the last couple of weeks, my siblings and I created many presents.  Our largest present was an apron that we all decorated. He loved!  The next thing I made was a lanyard and I put it in a cute box that I also made and it said Happy Birthday on it.  Hannah and Michael my brother and sister made a star and heart from pearler beads, and I made it into hangers that we put in his car.  We also made him gorgeous cards.  He was thrilled with the presents that we gave him.   








 Then my sister Sarah played for him a piece that she composed called "Celebrations" in honor of his birthday. She worked really hard on her piece all week long.



In the evening, we had dinner and a delicious chocolate cake.  My siblings and I love our dad very much!  He is so helpful and caring.  He is the best daddy ever!




What kind of birthday did you have for someone special? 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Three Bach Pieces

My sisters and I all learned pieces by Johann Sebastian Bach.  Bach has counterpoint in his songs which means you can hear two or more melodies combined together in a harmonious (pleasing sound) way, but you can still hear the individual melodies.  To get more information on Bach please visit my previous post.  


My younger sisters Hannah and Sarah play a Minute in G Major.  A minuet is a French dance for two people.  This name refers to the short steps taken in the dance.  In the Baroque time period, this dance was very graceful.


Next, my sister Sarah and I play Inventions.  I played Invention No. 2 and Sarah plays Invention in D Minor No. 4.  Inventions are short pieces written by Bach originally as musical exercises for his students.  Bach wrote 15 inventions.  My invention is fast and jumpy while Sarah's is faster and more melodic.


Below is a video of all three girls playing our Bach pieces.



Did you like them?

Which piece did you like the best and why?