Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ultimate Blogging Challenge Review

As part of the Ultimate Blogging Challenge, I will be evaluating my blogging buddy's new blog. 

It is called Cooking Clarissa,  and it is a wonderful new blog! 

There are many features on Clarissa's blog that I like. First of all, I love the background. The floral background reminds me of spring. I also like that it looks like a notebook. It even has little papers paper clipped to the blog! Cute! Clarissa has a terrific About Page complete with a cheerleader Voki. I learned that Clarissa will be publishing lots of healthy recipes.

Please visit Cooking Clarissa and leave her a quality comment!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Thank You!


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I want to thank one of my blogging buddies, AA, and Bianca, for sending me such beautiful gifts! It was so nice of them!  Bianca and I have been blogging buddies for the past year and a half. We both really like each others blogs.

They sent us Australian souvenirs.  I got an Australian animal map, a koala pin, a scrunchie for my hair, and a teddy bear key chain.  The gifts were so cute and I have to admit that koalas are just adorable!  The teddy bear had a T-shirt that said Australia on it.

My mom also appreciated the gifts you sent her. She got a map of popular Australian birds, a koala pin, a key chain, and a phone tag.  She loved the birds and hopes that one day she will get to go to Australia and see those birds.  She also put her key chain on her keys and the phone tag on her phone.  Thank you so much!

Have you ever gotten surprises in the mail?


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Fantastic Day at the Beach

My grandparents and I
Every other weekend, my family and I go and visit my grandparents who live by the beach. They are my father's parents.  We do many fun activities such as bike ride, exercise, and have lunch.  First, we go bike riding. We race  on the bike road for three miles until we get to a park.   We ride in a straight line, all 5 of us on bikes except my mom.  My mom roller blades with our dog Romeo pulling her behind us.  At the park, we have a water break and sometimes my dad gets us ice cream.  It is delicious!

Are you ready to ride your bike?

Ha Ha I'm taller than you!
Next, we ride back to were my grandparents are waiting for us and go exercising. At the beach, they have equipment such as bars, monkey bars, ropes, rings and beams.  On the bars my mom helps us all do pull ups and leg lifts.  Then we go on the rings.  My sister Sarah, is an expert on them because she can swing just like a little monkey.  Sarah does gymnastics and also shows us her beam routine. She does an amazing job!     

Sarah my sister has an extraordinary handstand!

Finally, we are all very hungry so my grandma gives us food that she made especially for us.  My Grandma Mila and my Grandpa Isay make us food like soup, chicken and mashed potatoes.  We are really hungry after our work out and the food is delicious!  My Grandpa always brings us small treats like chocolate and candies.  They are so scrumptious!

We have a lot of fun and always look forward to coming back to another day at the beach!

What activities do like to do with your family?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Baby Sister Plays Piano!

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My little sister Hannah now plays the piano.  We recently noticed that Hannah can play perfectly by ear.  Hannah doesn't know any of the notes but still can figure songs out.  We first realized it when I heard her playing the melody of one of my Sonata's that I am learning. Everybody in our family plays piano except my dad.  The two people who play the worst by ear are my mom and brother.

A few days ago, Hannah and I had a friendly competition.  The point of the competition is to see who can figure out how to play a song that my mom gives us.  By the time I got ready to play, Hannah had already managed to figure out the song. I needed a little bit more time to figure songs out.  Then Hannah and Sarah tried to see who can figure out a completely new set of songs, and my sister Sarah was faster. Sarah is also really good at playing songs by ear.

Here is a piece that my mom taught Hannah to play.  It is Minuet in G major by Bach.

Have you ever tried to play songs you like by ear?