Sunday, May 26, 2013

Water slide Fun

Over spring break, my family and I went to Palm Springs with our family friends.  After an exhausting two hour drive through the Mohave desert, we finally arrived.  On the long trip we saw hundreds of thousands of gigantic windmills spinning alongside our car.  It was pretty amazing.  As we neared Palm Springs, the temperature rose and rose until it was 91 degrees while back where we live it was only 75 degrees.  We also passed by the Indian reservation. The Indians were kicked out of their own land when the settlers arrived and were given this piece of land where nothing could be grown, not many shops, and many rattle snakes and cacti.  It is sort of sad that the whites kicked them out of their land. 

As we drove in the parking lot, Sarah and I were already jumping up and down.  Our hotel was in front of a set of very rocky mountains.  We didn’t dawdle and quickly changed into our swimsuits because our dad told us they had some amazing waterslides. He was right!  As I climbed up the stairs to the slide, I felt the chills run down my spine. I could see the person who slide down before me get thrown forward into the water.  But excitement lured me to try the slide.  I got on the slide. and in the beginning it wasn’t fast, but a few seconds later the speed increased, and I by the end of the slide I was thrust into the immerse pool. Even though I was scared at the beginning, Sarah and I were laughing by the end.  Hannah and Michael weren’t allowed to go on the slide because they were too short.   We slid down the slide for a few hours until it closed relishing the experience.  By that time, darkness was coming and the temperature was cooler, so Sarah and I jumped into the Jacuzzi. 

After the pool, my sisters and friends walked around the hotel.  After walking around the hotel, we were tempted again to jump into the pool before it closed for the night.  We all had an exciting first day at the pool.  But this week wasn’t finished, we were going to hike at Joshua park the next day.  

Here is a video of us sliding down.

Have you ever been on a water slide?

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day Surprise

On Mother's Day, Sarah, Hannah, Michael, and I woke up at five in the morning.  We had to get ready for our big surprise. We were putting on a play with live music and actors.  After hours of coloring and designing the scenery, it was time to make costumes.  The play was about dolphins rescuing two children who fall into the ocean.  Sarah and I made tails and dolphin fins for the two dolphins, Hannah and Michael to wear.  After working for about an hour, everything and everyone was ready.

Below is the Program for our show which we printed out for our parents. 
Thunder and Lightning

Performed by: Miriam, Sarah, Michael, and Hannah

Written and Narrated by: Miriam

Piano written and played by: Sarah

Acted and performed by: Hannah and Michael

Scenery designed by: Miriam and Sarah

A Little Bit About the Play

After thinking about what to give to our mother for Mother’s Day, Miriam and Sarah decided to combine everyone’s talents into one big performance.  As I was writing the skit, I kept wondering what is wonderful animal that saves people and is sweet and friendly.  I found that out after our trip to Sea World and that was where our lovable dolphins Hannah and Michael came from.  After preparing for a little bit over a month, everything was set except practicing the skit together.  We never were able to find the time until the last minute.  Everyone was extremely hectic, but with teamwork we had one amazing performance.

We hope you enjoyed it!

 Here is the story in case it was hard to hear on the video:

On a tired and old fishing boat, two children named Hannah and Michael went on a fishing trip with their father.  Their poor mother had died 2 years ago and this has been the first time they were going to have fun with their father in a long time.  As they took off from shore, the clouds were coming in and it looked as if there was going to be a gigantic thunderstorm, but it was too late.  The boat had already taken off.  But these children weren’t going to let anything ruin their day.  Their father was lazily rowing the boat and not paying very much attention to the Hannah and Michael.   Then he took a long drink of his beer and started to get really drowsy. 

But by that time thunder and lightning began to crack, and the boat began to rock until the children were scared to death and didn’t know what to do.  They called to their father, but he was too drunk to here.  He was now leading them into a whirl pool.  The boat began to turn and the children starting screaming, but there was nothing they could do.  Then, there was a heavy lurch and the boat toppled over sending the children over boat.  They started yelling, but nobody heard.  Their cries were useless and even swimming to shore wasn’t going to work in the force of the water.  The foam started surrounding the two helpless children until they almost suffocated.  They got tired of swimming and their arms hurt and they felt as if they were going to have to give up and let the hungry ocean eat them alive.  They were saying there last good-byes to each other knowing they weren’t going to be seen from the light house. 
Waves knocked Hannah and Michael over and over and when they were so tired of yelling and had a hoarse throat, were too tired to swim any longer, and were too cold to move, they let the hungry ocean eat them whole.  But as soon as they gave up hope, dolphins splashed beside them.  They waved their flippers in there directions, signaling them to come and gave them a friendly noise that told them it was okay to get on. 

Hannah and Michael grabbed the dolphin’s fins as the dolphins took them to safety.  They jumped over waves and dove under water and took them so close that they now could see the shoreline.  Where the sand met the water, there was a crowd of search and rescue crews standing with the children’s beloved Aunt Elana and Uncle Lloyd. 

As soon as the dolphins couldn’t swim any closer to shore, they knocked there riders of board, and let Hannah and Michael swim to shore.  The brave and shivering brother and sister, walked hand in hand to their Aunt and Uncle who told them they would now live with them.  The dolphins made their last flip in the water and swam away.  Hannah and Michael never saw those brave dolphins, but the tale has been passed down through many generations.

Happy Mother's Day!
What did you do for your mother?