Friday, April 24, 2015

Guest Post By Michael: Spring Break Hike at Malibu Creek Park

Recently, my family and I went to Malibu creek park. We decided it was a beautiful day to go hiking. When we got there, it was gorgeous. Everything we saw was green such as the grass, trees, and leaves from a few days of rain. Although we had a couple of days of heavy rain, California is still in a drought so the river was very dry and easy to cross. As we were hiking we got to this hill. My mom thought it was a beautiful sight so she decided to take a photo right near the tall grass.  As we were standing to take a photo, Miriam cried SNAKE just to scare us.  After the photo, she saw a real snake and once again cried SNAKE! This time, we didn't believe her, until we looked and saw she wasn't kidding. On the ground was a  long brown garden snake. We didn't hear a rattle, so we don't think it is a poisonous snake, but we did see its tongue.

As we continued to hike, Sarah did a back-walk-over on a long log. When we got to a resting point, we climbed this humongous rock. We all ate a delicious lunch in nature. After lunch, we went to the place where the river pools, and we saw many people feeding a duck. The duck was gorgeous and big.  The duck came really close to shore because people were feeding it. Then we saw this boy jump off a really big rock into the water. The water was freezing, so he quickly jumped out of the water. When we were walking back to our car, we all raced each other; I raced against Sarah and Hannah. I lost against Sarah but tied against Hannah. Then Miriam raced against Sarah and Miriam won. When we got back from the hike everyone took a long rest. I had the best time ever.
The beautiful green background

Too bad the river dried up

Back walk-over on the log

Duck begging for food

Have you ever seen a snake while hiking?