Monday, May 21, 2012

Digital Voice Awards

Last month, Mrs. Yollis entered me into the Digital Voice Awards ceremony.  The Digital Voice awards is a contest for students and teachers from grades K-12 from Los Angeles County.  Each group or person submits their best classroom or individual technology projects. The best entries get recognized at a virtual celebration. I submitted my blog, Mrs. Yollis submitted Our World Our Stories, and Mrs. Ranney submitted her blog.  We all won an award and Mrs. Yollis' submission received the highest honor for Best Elementary School project award.  Hooray for Mrs. Yollis and all the other teachers and classrooms that participated in this worldwide project! 



The day of the award ceremony, Mrs. Yollis transformed her classroom into a red carpet event.


Students and family from Mrs. Ranney's and Mrs. Yollis' class were all in attendance.  


At the end of the ceremony I made a speech to all of the students and parents in the classroom.



At the end of the virtual award ceremony, they made the surprise announcement of the best Elementary school project.  The entire class cheered, and Mrs. Yollis gave a thank you speech on behalf of all participants of the project.  Mrs. Yollis also presented her students and I with our certificates, and I also received a special award.  


 This is a photo of  Mrs. Yollis and me at the ceremony.



I am very grateful to Mrs. Yollis or getting me started into blogging and to all my readers who write in comments and support my blog.





 What do you think of the winning blogs?


Have you ever won an award?