Saturday, January 25, 2014


Over the last 6 months, I have been working on a solo piano piece called Fantasy by  Mozart.  This 100 measure piece is one of Mozart's most famous compositions even though he died before fully completing it. The composition was never completed so it is believed that one of Mozart's admirers, August Eberhard Muller, completed the composition.  

Mozart was a child prodigy.  From age four he could play full symphonies and by age 6 he was already composing pieces.  As a young child, Mozart was learning from the tours he did.  He was best friends with Haydn which he later dedicated a composition to him.  On December 5, 1791, Mozart died at age 35, leaving behind 600 compositions, including works for symphonies, the piano, and the opera. Some of these compositions are considered to be the finest works in the Classical style.

I really enjoy playing this piece because the composition has a lot of different feelings to it.  At some points of this composition,  it sounds as if something bad is going to happen but then everything becomes mellow and sweet.

Who is your favorite composer?

Did you enjoy this piece?