Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!  I hope you spent time to give someone your love.  I made my mom a special Valentine because she cares about me.  A few days ago, my teacher assigned us to write a few Valentine poems.  I hope you enjoy them.

swans making a heart
Even animals show their love!
“Valentine’s Day”
I am so sick today
That I can’t go to school
But it’s Valentine’s Day.
 My face is all green
 And my stomach is gurgling.
I’m itching all over
With sweat running down me
And I do look atrocious

 But it’s Valentine’s Day
 And my love is waiting
  For me to give her
My special Valentine.

“Hours, and Hours”
Hours and Hours my valentine took
I just couldn’t figure out what kind of book.
My teacher had told us to give someone a present
But I just couldn’t figure out what to give.

I finally decided on a book
 But what kind of a book
A frog, dog, cat, person, soldiers, or a duke book.
Valentine’s Day is in an hour
But what do I pick maybe a flower?
The story was as bright as the flower I had found last night,
I just hope that my valentine is all right.

Today at school I flunked a test,
And now I would be in trouble.
But Valentine ’s Day is coming up
And I still don’t have a present.

But now that I have flunked a test,
I don’t think it will matter,
I guess I’ll just flunk fifth grade
And then not have to think about
My secret Valentine.  

Did you do anything special for Valentine's Day? 

Can you write a verse or poem for Valentines Day?

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Talent Show

The musical talent is on!  A few days ago, I performed at my school's talent show.   I performed the Flight of the Bumblebee by Rimsky-Korsakov, and Sarah performed Fur Elise by Beethoven.  We had many rehearsals that took place after school, and all the performing students worked very hard at perfecting their dances, songs, or piano pieces.  Show night finally arrived and we each performed our routines or pieces. The lighting and sound wasn't very good, therefore my mom couldn't record the concert. She therefore recorded us on our home piano. We wore the same beautiful ball gowns that we wore for the talent show. 

Flight of the Bumblebee is piece written for the orchestra by Russian composer Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, for his opera The Tale of Tsar Saltan, composed in 1899–1900. I have seen this as a movie at my grandmother's house many times.  It describes a magic Swan Bird who changes Prince Gvidon Saltanovich (the Tsar's son) into an insect so that he can fly away to visit his father (who does not know that he is alive). He stings his evil Aunt (his mother's sisters) in the eye.  The swan later turns the prince into a bumblebee and he stings his other evil aunt in the eye.  The aunts get kicked out of the palace and the prince visits the king and the family lives happily ever after.

Sarah played Fur Elise by Beethoven.  Nobody really know who Elise is, but they think that he misspelled her name and it was really meant for Therese. To read more about Beethoven, you can visit Miriam's blog who also plays this piece.

What did you think of the pieces we selected?