Monday, December 24, 2012

Candy Cane Lane

A few days ago, on a cold evening, my family and I bundled up and went on a stroll to Candy Cane Lane.  Candy Cane Lane is blocks of houses lit up with Christmas lights and fascinating decorations.  After you see these images, I think you will be just as amazed as I was looking up at the lights. 

Candy Cane Lane started in 1952, when some homeowners decided to amaze the community with a display of holiday lights and decorations.  There success has been ongoing since with blocks of lights to see.  One house even hired a Santa to visit and take pictures with kids in his sleigh.  Some people come from hours away just to see these extraordinary sights.  It was good we arrived early because as we were driving back, the exit from the freeway was lined with miles of cars waiting to exit and see the lights!

There were lines of cars seeing the lights with many kids standing on the seats popping there heads through the convertibles.  Viewing the lights was amazing, but walking and viewing the lights was even better.  The best decorated houses had music playing.  There was even a building with a train in front of it puffing out thick clouds of smoke.  Some houses even had a motorized seesaws and merry-go-around spinning.  Others had a display of blown up Santas riding on motorcycles, sleeping in bed, and skiing.  Even after seeing all the houses, I still couldn't decide which one was my favorite.  I think the neighborhood did a fantastic job of making the holidays special and exciting!  Hopefully, I will come back next year and take another stroll through the neighborhood!

Everything was spinning and lit up with "Its a Small World After All" playing in the background

Hansel and Gretel walking to the yummy witches house

Puffed up decorations

Santa and us

The Train

The flickering lights made this image blurry but still amazing!

How did you spend the holidays?

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Taking a Stroll Through the Neighborhood

A few days ago, My mom, brother, sister, and my friend Leah, went on a stroll through the neighborhood.  It was a cloudy, cold and drizzly morning.  As we were walking,  we noticed the gorgeous trees of Autumn.  Most of the leaves of the trees had fallen off which made it fun to walk through them.  The leaves made a crunchy sound as we stomped through them.  One house had many leaves for us to grab a few and  throw up in the air.  Instead of snowflakes falling, we had colorful leaves falling! As we were walking, we saw a huge leaf that took up half of my body!

My favorite leaf was a blood red one with a little bit of yellow.  Leah and I had a great time collecting our favorite leaves and making a bouquet with them. Every one had a good time included my dog Romeo, who raced after us.  As soon as we arrived home,  it started pouring cats and dogs!  We got very lucky to arrive home in time. 

We've had some unusually hot and cold weather lately, so we still have flowers and roses blooming in November.  Who ever heard of that?

I think this flower is unusual and gorgeous because of its shape and color.  If you look at it closely, it looks like a bird.  This flower is called bird of paradise. What do you think? 

What does your neighborhood look like?