Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hawaiian Beaches (Final Hawaii post)

Hawaii is known for its wonderful beaches.  My family and I went to one of the best beaches on the big island, called Mauna Kea. This beach is located near the Kohala Coast.  All beaches in Hawaii are public, but the parking is not. The Mauna Kea resort, has only 40 parking spots open to the public so we had to arrive early in order to be let into the resort. What makes this beach special is the clear blue water and the sandy white shore.       

Photo taken from Mauna Kea Resort

At the beach, we went surfing on our boogie boards, built sandcastles and swam in the clear blue ocean.  My sister and I even convinced our parents to go boogie boarding. My dad liked it so much, that we couldn't get him to give us our boards back. Some days the waves were huge and really amazing to watch as they crashed onto the shore. Here is a short slide show of our activities.

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This is my final post about  my family trip to Hawaii. Which post was your favorite?  Vote now.

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  1. Dear Miriam.

    Thank you for all your wonderful posts about Hawaii with your wonderful family.

    I really loved all your posts that I just could not make up my mind.
    So am sorry to say I didn't vote.

    I really do feel that I have been with you and your family on your Hawaii holiday .

    Now do you have a favourite post which you posted about Hawaii?

    From your blogging pal,

  2. Dear Miriam,
    I love your post about the beach. All of the posts are great, but my vote went for kayaking.
    Keep up the good work and hope you will continue to surprise all of us with interesting stuff.
    Love you,
    Grandma Tanya

  3. Miriam,

    Those waves in your slideshow look huge! I can't believe you weren't scared to go boogie boarding! The water looks so warm, blue, and inviting. I am jealous! Next time, you will take me with you, right? Love you,

    Auntie Elana

  4. Dear Miriam,

    I love your idea of having a poll of which post people like the most. Personally, I like the Aloha from Hawaii one the best because you did a post while you where in Hawaii! In a week or two I'm going to see which out of six of my posts my visitors like the best. Keep up the great blogging!


  5. Dear Miriam,

    I wish I could have of came with you on your vacation because it looks like a huge amount of fun! The beaches look so clear that they are making me very very thirsty!

    I voted for beaches because I enjoyed the post a lot. I have to say that my favorite part was the slide show. I loved watching you boogie board all over the beach.

    One reason I love beaches is because when you go in the water when there is a big wave and it pulls back in it feels like you are moving back farther into the water.

    I really like going to the beach and boogie boarding like you seem too!

    What was the most fun activity to do in Hawaii?

    Grace (Your classmate)

  6. Dear Miriam,

    I think that this post is great because it has lots of good picture's .It looks like the vote is going to be a tie. In fact I love all your posts. They are amazing. You are a great blogger.

    What is your favorite post?


  7. Dear Miriam,
    I just love this wonderful post.

    I am so proud of you for puting an Animoto on you very own blog.

    I also love your graph.

    I voted for the tropical fruits because I love fruit so much.

    I love all your posts because they are long it looks like you put a lot of effort in your blog posts.

    Did you miss school while you were on holidays?

    From your cool pal,

  8. @Jaden,

    Thank you for leaving me a comment. That is very cool that you are going to do a poll on your blog.

    My personal favorite post is the beaches because it was fun making the animoto slide show. Have fun making your poll.


    Thank you for leaving me a comment. When I saw the clear water I was so amazed that I couldn't beleive that I was swimming in it. My favorite activity that I did in Hawaii is going to the warm beach.

    Have a good time blogging.


    Thank you for leaving me a comment. I also think this post is a good one.

    I also like all the posts but beaches is my favorite.

    Have a good time commenting on Mrs. Yollis' blog.


    Great comment. I also like the tropical fruits but beaches is my personal favorite.

    During our trip, I was on an independent study program which means that I took school work with me on my trip. So even though I wasn't at school, I still did most of the work.

    Have a good time commenting back to people!


    I loved your comment. It is alright that you didn't vote. I liked all the posts too but my favorite post is beaches because I liked making the video.


  9. Hi Mariam, i’m Cecilia and I come from Italy, Milan.
    I really liked you post because it attracted me to go to Hawaii. I really wish I was there in Hawaii and have lots of fun like you had, but I can’t.
    I really wish I was in Hawaii swimming in the clear blue ocean and play in the sandy white shores. I hope you had a lot of fun. I really wish I could do lots of stuff like you, like going to the Hawaii.

  10. I Love Hawai'i! I am a hula dancer so I am happy to see that some people love Hawai'i as much as I do! I am curently learning a song about Mouna Kea. :)


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