Thursday, July 26, 2012

Final Kauai Post

Napali Coast

Our trip to Kauai has come to an end, and we enjoyed the last few days hanging out at the beach right across the street from our Condo.  I have had a marvelous time exploring and seeing the incredible sights in Kauai.  Maybe someday I will come back to visit the island.  I loved all the activities we did, but one of my favorites was the boat trip to the Napali coast. Seeing the sea animals and snorkeling in a reef was so much fun.   I have never seen so many colorful fish in my whole entire life.  The dolphins were so active and looked like they were enjoying making a show for the people on the ship. 




Wailua River

 I also enjoyed kayaking in the Wailua River and swimming in the pool that the Secret Fall made.  I have never experienced swimming in a big water fall pool but I thought it was great to get to cool off in the cold water.  






Waimea Canyon

Another one of my highlights of my trip was the hiking.  My favorite hike was the Waimea Canyon and the Napali Coast.  It was quite a sight seeing green plants growing on the side of cliffs.  The bays in Kauai were so calm and I loved laying on my boogie board and paddling around.  Paddling in the Wailua River was a great experience Kauai is very beautiful but the rainbows made it even more prettier.  I wish that we could get so many rainbows in California. 



Crossing a river on our hike


Hankapi'al Beach









Spouting Horn



































I loved all the activities that I did at my stay in Kauai.  Below is a poll I made of the different posts my sister Sarah and I wrote of the activities we did in Kauai.  Which post did you like best?  Please vote and tell me your favorite post in a comment.


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Monday, July 16, 2012

Catamaran ride to the Na Pali Coast

Today we explored the northwest of the island by a boat ride on the catamaran to the Na pali Coast.  The Na Pali Coast is only accessible by boat, plane or by hiking.  Our ship's name was The Lucky Lady and I think it was a great name for the ship because we got a lot of luck. On the Na pali coast we met some playful Spinner Dolphins.  The captain told us that the Na pali Coast is the dolphins territory so they only do tours there.  The dolphins swam right next to the ship and turned and did different tricks.  Since it's the dolphins territory the dolphins race the ship and scratch its back on it.  We also met some slow sea turtles who looked like they were sleeping
on top of the water and swaying on the waves.
Standing in front of Lucky Lady

The boat ride was very rough and it was so much fun standing in the front of the ship and getting splashed by every wave.  We were rocking back and forth on the ship but still enjoying the gorgeous view of the 4000 foot cliffs.  The definition of Na pali is cliffs.  There were also many caves and waterfalls formed by the water and streams.  The captain pointed out everyone of them.

Long ago there was this fishing village called  Nu'alolo Kai.  This is where the captain anchored down the ship and let everyone snorkel in the reef.  The boat had a waterslide that went into the ocean.  My siblings and I slid down the slide and plopped in the water.  The fish we saw were amazing!  I saw my favorite color fish a huge yellow fish that was very easy to see through this school of gray fish called Nenue Lowfin Chub. It looked just like the Nenue fish, but yellow.   There was also a brown fish that had a flapping fin on the top and on the bottom called Humuhumu-Ele'ele Black Durgon Triggerfish.  We also met two sea turtles sleeping on the bottom of the reef.  Then we head back to our dock.  It was a very exciting day!

Spinner Dolphins

Caves near the coast

Have you ever been on a boat? Where did you go?

Tuesday, July 10, 2012



Kauai has many rainbows because in the center of Kauai is the wettest spot on earth.  Almost everyday it rains and there are rainbows.  Even if it doesn't rain where we are we still sometimes see the rainbow because it is raining close by.  A rainbow is made up of seven colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet), which are the same colors that make up light. When it rains, the rain drops act as tiny prisms. When the light from the sun reflects against the tiny prisms formed by the drops, a rainbow forms.  


In California, we don't get many rainbows because it hardly ever rains. Whenever it rained in Hawaii, we would run outside and see if we can find a rainbow. The rain doesn't last very long, and neither does the rainbow. It was therefore important to act quickly to get the perfect photo. The morning I took the picture, it was raining and I was thrilled to wake up to see a rainbow.  I rushed down stairs (because the rainbow doesn't last long) to get the camera and fortuitously captured the rainbow. 


My favorite color of the rainbow and my favorite color of all time is yellow. Yellow is my favorite color because it is bright, and it makes me feel happy.    Any rainbow you see, yellow always stands out the most and yellow seems to be the thickest color of the rainbow.



I took this picture when we were swimming in the pool. The funny part, was that it was sunny and warm  where we were, however it was raining somewhere over the rainbow (just like in the movie)

Taken from my bedroom window




What is your favorite color of the rainbow?

Do you see many rainbows where you are?