Sunday, July 7, 2013

Boat Trip to Molokini

Our next journey in Maui was a boat tour to three different snorkeling spots.  The three places we visited were Molokini island, Turtle Town, and La Perouse Bay (south tip of the island)  to watch the dolphins. 

Our first stop was Molokini island, a crescent shaped lush reefed island with over 250 species of fish and other sea animals. Because we were further out in the ocean, we put on wetsuits to keep warm. The cool thing about this cruise ship was that it had a terrific water slide.  There were always fish swimming around the slide so when you reach the bottom of the slide, you would splash in right next the fish.  The reef in this area was incredible with trumpet fish, parrot fish, beautiful coral, and other fish species.  I even saw a "snake" (eel) as we called it.  Fish were swimming all around us and it was the best snorkel spot we went to in the entire trip. But that wasn't the highlight of the cruise for me.


Molokini Island
The next stop was Turtle Town and I enjoyed this stop the most.  This snorkeling spot is called turtle town because it is where all of the turtles come to get their "cleaning" as the crew calls it.  The turtles come by and fish clean the moss growing on them.  The first turtle we saw was when the boat stopped and everyone was getting on their snorkeling gear.  The turtle was right next to our boat sticking its head out.  But I saw 2 more turtles while in the water.  As soon as I went down the water slide, I had to swim to the reef, and once I was their, I saw a huge turtle.  This turtle seemed to like all of the attention it was getting from all of the other snorkelers because it stayed in its place and swam next to us.  But later the turtle got tired and started swimming away.  Hannah and I followed the turtle until it went underneath a reef and was out of sight.

We saw a saw a huge sea turtle by our boat


Gorgeous view of Molokini Island.    

The last stop was La Perouse Bay where the spinner dolphins like to hang out.  These dolphins are extremely active and like to follow the boat.  They followed our boat and even did a few tricks.  My mom made a video of these dolphins below.

Have you ever gone on a boat trip? 
Where did you go?


  1. Dear MIRIAM !

    We don*t have enough English words to describe what impression your post made on us.
    It seems to us that we know everything about
    Maui as if we was there.
    You made such amazing pictures which help
    a lot to see the island.
    We are so glad you had such wonderful time
    and you can share your magical moment with
    Thank you for the post,proud of you!
    Love you , grands MILA & ISAY

  2. Dear Miriam,
    I am so glad that you had such a wonderful trip and seen so many different fish and sea creatures. Your pictures are wonderful, it's feels like I have also been on the islands and snorkel with you, I have to admit that I never snorkel in my life and do not plan to do, I am afraid to do this, even with the life jacket.
    You are brave and I am proud of you, even Michael and Hannah were not afraid.
    On your pictures you all smiling, that's an indication of having a good time.
    Love you,
    Grandma Tanya and Grandpa Eugene

  3. Dear Miriam,

    I loved seeing your photos and video! Plus, your wonderful writing was the perfect complement to the visuals!

    As you well know, I love to snorkel! Swimming with the fish and sea animals is so relaxing and pleasurable. I can tell you feel the same way.

    I've never been to Molokini Island or Turtle Town, but Mr. Yollis and I have been to La Perouse Bay. We rented a kayak there and that was quite an adventure. We heard there were lots of dolphins there, but sadly did not encounter any.

    I always bring a wetsuit with me for snorkeling. Even though the water is warm, I like to stay in a long time and after about 15 minutes, I start to get cold without a wetsuit. It also is a great way to stay out of the sun!

    I read that spinner dolphins can spin up to five times each leap! What did you notice?

    Your proud former teacher,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

  4. Dear Miriam,

    Wow what a wonderful holiday you are having. Like Mrs Yollis I just loved your wonderful photos which you included in this post.

    I have been snorkelling last year with BB and her dad. We went snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef,it was just amazing. I am so glad I had this wonderful experience to be able to snorkel along with my family and the beautiful sea life under the water.

    Also on our way home from our snorkelling trip we were lucky to see a couple of whales this was so unexpected.

    Thank you Miriam for sharing with us all your wonderful holiday you are having with your family.

    Sincerely AA :)


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