Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Birds of Maui

Hannah wrote:

In Maui I saw a lot of birds. The first bird I saw was a bird that had a red face. Red is my favorite color. My brother and me took a picture of it. It was very hard to take one. My brother Michael did it instead. There was another bird that was all red. We also saw a lot of baby chickens. The next bird I saw was a Chukar.We saw it at the Volcano. It was orange, gray, brown, black, and red. It had black stripes.


Northern Cardinal male
Hannah had contributed a bit to the post because she and her brother Michael had taken many of the photos below.  One of my favorite bird we saw was Northern Cardinal.  The Northern Cardinal differentiates colors.  The females are yellowish brown, but the males are bright red.  We only saw the males because they stood out among the green trees.

Red-crested Cardinal

Another bird that is similar to the Northern Cardinal is called the Red-crested Cardinal imported from Brazil. The Red Crested Cardinal is the same color regardless of gender unlike the Northern Cardinal.

Common Myna
  This island also has many Common Mynas everywhere This bird likes to hangout near hotels and airports.  These Mynas were introduced from India to supposedly control insect pests.  But surprisingly enough, these birds are not found in either Europe or North America but have been on the Hawaiian islands since the mid 1800s.  I like that this bird has a large white spot on its wing which is visible when it flies.

Spotted Dove
Similar to the Mynas, we also saw many Spotted Doves near the beach. We would often see them running across the sand.  They have been on the islands for many generations.

 One of the most majestic birds that we saw was a large white bird called an Egret.  These birds evolved on the African plains where they followed grazing animals.  Cattle Egrets were introduced to Hawaii in 1950's to control cattle pests.  We see the many Egrets while my mom and I go running in the morning. 

Red Junglefowl Cock

Red Junglefowl Cock is another surprising bird to see on an island. These roosters are most common on Kaui because there are no mongoose to eat them on that island, but we still found them begging for food in places were people hung out. 


 The Chukar is another bird on Maui.  These birds lives in dry, rocky areas in the Middle East and have also adapted in similar places like Hawaii.  They are mostly found at Haleakala volcano in Maui which is exactly where we took this photo.

All of these birds were beautiful and I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

What interesting birds have you see?


  1. Dear Miriam and Hannah,
    You have beautiful pictures and I never this birds you have in this blog. How do you know the names of the birds? Did some help you to identify them? I'm amazed what you know all the details.
    Good Job!!! I also learned new birds and now when I will go to Maui I will try to see and recognize the birds that live there.
    Love you,
    Grandma Tanya and Grandpa Eugene

  2. Dear Miriam and Hannah,

    What a delightful post about the birds you saw while visiting Hawaii. I was going to say Hawaiian birds, but it sounds like a few of them were introduced to Hawaii and are not native birds.

    Here are some of my bird photos from Hawaii:

    red crested cardinal.

    Hawaiian state bird, the ne ne

    black crowned heron

    Was it difficult to capture your bird images?

    Your proud former teacher,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

  3. @Mrs. Yollis,

    Wow! Those are some awesome photos. The black crowned heron is really pretty. It wasn't difficult to capture the photos because Hannah would sneak up really close to the birds and then snap a photo before they got scared.

    How is your summer going?

    Your former student,


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