Monday, August 20, 2012

Moving On

Saying goodbye isn't always easy when you like something very much.  I recently decided that I would say goodbye to ballet and move on to focus some of my other activities.  It isn't that I didn't like ballet, it was just because I had too many activities, and I was only doing ballet once a week.  I have been doing ballet for 2 and a half years.  I appreciate watching the real ballerinas perform. They make the moves look really easy, doing many turns and leaps. However, now that I have tried, I know how extremely hard it really is and how much they work to get their routines just right.  My favorite ballet teacher I have ever had is Eryka. I really liked her and she taught me many new moves.  She would always correct me and teach me new skills I didn't know.  She was also extremely kind.  I will miss her very much! I still enjoy dancing, and maybe I will stop by and take a few classes here and there. 

I also became close with the the receptionist Gabrielle and her little dog Seven.  Gabrielle named her dog Seven because she found her on the streets on July 7th which was also Gabby's birthday. Gabby would watch our class and encourage us to do well.  Gabby would sometimes bring her dog Seven, and let me hold her before class.  Seven now serves as the official Goodwill Ambassador of the ballet school. She is adorable!

Eryka and I

Gabby and I

Holding Seven


Have you started something and then decided not to continue with it?


  1. Dear Miriam,
    You learned a lot from you teachers, you are very graceful and you have a good posture, may be in the future you will take some classes just to have fun, I always will remember spending time with you in the car driving together from your ballet classes.
    Love you,
    Grandma Tanya

    1. Dear Grandma Tanya,

      Thank you for spending the time to leave me a comment. I will take a few classes once in a while when I have time. Thank you for all the driving you did. It was fun spending time with you.


  2. Dear Miriam,

    You have done so well to do ballet as long as you have. I really feel for you as it is always difficult to say good bye to something that you have been doing for a number of years.

    But the greatest thing is that you can always go back if you feel a need.
    My mum would say as one door closes another one will open and I know this other door is just around the corner for you to try something new.

    Take care and all the very best with your new year at school.

    From your friend,

    1. Dear AA,

      I really appreciate your lovely comment. I am actually going to start track and field which was what I was doing a few years and stopped because I hurt my heal.


  3. Dear Miriam,

    I enjoyed reading your post about saying goodbye to ballet. I too took ballet as a young girl and then eventually stopped lessons for reasons I no longer remember.

    However, I went back to ballet when I was older and danced in college. Saying goodbye now does not mean it has to be permanent.You will be surprised how your ballet background will pop up in your life in the future!

    One sport I tried as an adult and then had to stop was competing in Triathlons. A triathlon is a competition where you swim, bike and run. I did short distance or "sprint" triathlons and it was a lot of fun. My goal was always to finish the race and not be last across the finish line!

    Eventually I had to stop competing due to injuries. I overtrained and fractured my leg. I decided to drop competing and just play with sports.

    I was sad at first, but now I have more time to do other things. It sounds like you will have time for your other interests now too!

    Have a great school year and thanks so much for sending in photos of you reading to our blog!

    A Dancing Librarian,

    1. Dear Mrs. Hembree,

      Thank you for your wonderful comment. I really enjoyed your reading post. I will also try to take a couple of classes once in a while.

      You gave me a very good idea and maybe I will try a mini Triathlon as I like to bike, run, and swim.


  4. Dear Miriam,

    Me again! I've done ballet for 10 years! I'm in grade six and it's starting to get kind of hard.

    I had to give up doing tap and jazz once. I felt like I just couldn't get any better!

    Your blogging buddy,


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