Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Junior Lifegaurd

 Over the summer,  I tried out to train to be a Junior Lifeguard, a program run by the fire department.  I was tested in the pool, and I had to swim 100 meters in a 1:50 seconds.  I had to stay after swim team practice every day and train extra hard to become fast enough to make the time.   There are real lifeguards at the beach training us everyday.  One of the lifeguards is my swim coach who helped me pass the timed swim test.

I had to wake up early every day to arrive at the beach by 8:30 every morning and stay until 11:30.  At the beach, we were divided in three age groups.  I was placed in group C. During our training,  we learned how to save people who may be drowning, paddle, surf, and swim in the ocean.  Swimming in the ocean was the scariest part.  I was always worried about stingrays (and I saw one), sharks, and other kinds of sea animals.  Although I did enjoy swimming with the dolphins.  They would always put on a show for us.  It was incredible!  I also loved to surf.  For the first time this summer I actually stood on a surf board and caught a wave!  It was hard at first, but then I got the hang of it.  I also was allowed to tour a lifeguard tower and a lifeguard station.  We also learned how to use the cans that the lifeguard swings in the air to use if they need to save a drowning victim.   The other Junior lifeguards and I practiced saving each other. We had competitions as well.  We competed against different junior lifeguard squads form all the local beaches.  I especially did well in the running and almost always placed in the top ten. 

In addition to the instructors, we had helpers called Cadets.  They are in the highest group and have been doing Junior Lifeguards for 6-7 years.  They are not experienced and old enough to be an instructor but they are fabulous helpers for us.  My favorite one is Kourtney who is in the picture with me together with my instructor Sherri.

On my last day, I received a Junior lifeguard badge which my Grandma sewed on a one of my favorite sweaters.  I also received a certificate saying that I have finished my first year of junior lifeguard training.

Have you trained in something interesting?


  1. Dear Miriam,

    I really enjoyed reading your new post. Well done upon joining the junior lifeguards. This would be such a wonderful way to keep fit and active all in one.

    That is so wonderful that you received a badge and a certificate something which you can keep for many years.

    Do you plan to keep on attending the junior lifeguard every summer holidays?

    Many years ago I used to do a lot of track and field running however once I moved to the farm I soon stopped.

    From your friend down under,
    AA :)

  2. Dear AA,

    Thank you for taking the time and leaving me a lovely comment. I think I might continue doing Junior Lifeguards next year as well.

    Track and field is a lot of fun and I might start it again in the winter.


  3. Dear Miraiam,
    I enjoy reading your post and as always your pictures are great.
    You are very brave girl to swim in the ocean and not afraid of big waves, may be sharks and dolphins. It's great that you like to learn save people, CPR, first aid.
    We are very proud of you,
    Grandma Tanya and Grandpa Eugene


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