Monday, June 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Papa!

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Today is my dad's birthday!  We all woke up very early and put up happy birthday signs all of over our home.  We then burst into my parents bedroom and wished my dad a happy birthday. 








our presents

For the last couple of weeks, my siblings and I created many presents.  Our largest present was an apron that we all decorated. He loved!  The next thing I made was a lanyard and I put it in a cute box that I also made and it said Happy Birthday on it.  Hannah and Michael my brother and sister made a star and heart from pearler beads, and I made it into hangers that we put in his car.  We also made him gorgeous cards.  He was thrilled with the presents that we gave him.   








 Then my sister Sarah played for him a piece that she composed called "Celebrations" in honor of his birthday. She worked really hard on her piece all week long.



In the evening, we had dinner and a delicious chocolate cake.  My siblings and I love our dad very much!  He is so helpful and caring.  He is the best daddy ever!




What kind of birthday did you have for someone special? 


  1. My dear grandchildren! Thank you for your presents to your dad. They are so beautiful,made
    with love and gratitude to our son and your Dad.
    Again and again we are proud of you all,love you . We want to tell you that you are the best grandchildren in the world.
    Grandma Mila , Granddad Isay

    1. Dear Grandma Mila and Grandpa Isay,

      Thank you for leaving me a comment. I enjoyed making the presents for papa. I hope I get to see you very soon.


  2. Dear Miriam,

    I think that it is very thoughtful of you to make a spectacular post about your Papa's birthday. I loved all of the presents that you made and thought that they were very cute! I did a very similar thing that you did to your Papa. I also made colorful signs all around the house so that were ever he looked, there would be a wall wishing him happy birthday!

    I am really excited for Father's Day because I am buying him a marvelous present! My dad's face is always really prickly when I kiss him on the cheek, so I decided to save my allowance and buy him a nice shaving kit!

    Dear Sarah,

    I think that your performance was amazing! It was extremely thoughtful of you to especially learn a new piece just for your Papa! You presented it very well and I am sure that your Dad enjoyed the piece as much as I did!

    The cake looked absolutely delicious and scrumptious! When I first looked at it, I started to lick my lips! MMMMM! It was caring of your dad to let you and your siblings blow out the candles on his birthday cake!

    I think that all of you put a lot of effort into your Dad's birthday and I wish him a happy belated birthday!

    Your friend,

    1. Dear Mia,

      It was so thoughtful of you to leave me a comment. Sarah and I enjoyed preparing all of the gifts for Papa. It is so nice of you to save your allowance and buy your dad a shaving kit.

      Have a great summer! See you when school starts again.

      Your friend,

  3. Dear Miriam,
    I really loved this post for it showed me just how much you all love your dad. :) You made him some awesome presents which I am pretty sure he will treasure them for the rest of his life.

    I loved the look of your chocolate cake it looked so yummy!

    Please wish your dad a very happy belated birthday all the way from Australia.


    1. Dear AA,

      Thank you for leaving me a wonderful comment. It was fun preparing the presents and our dad was extremely surprised at how much we prepared for him.

      Your blogging buddy,

  4. Dear Miriam I love your blogs they are awesome. I love you and your sister playing the piano. Your dad must Feel pretty speacial. Want to be pen pals
    ohh and look at my blogs plz

  5. I love your pet SImba it is so cute


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