Friday, February 11, 2011

Pink Tree Blossoms

The blossoms from our ornamental pear tree have blown off the tree and fallen to the ground like snow flakes.  For a photo, please see Yollis' 365 Project blog titled  Snowing. 

This afternoon, my dog took my shoe and ran with it into our backyard.  I immediately ran after him, so he wouldn't  rip my shoe. Once I managed to get my shoe out of his mouth, I noticed two beautiful trees with pink blossoms and purple leaves. These two trees were nestled (to lie in a hidden or sheltered manner)  between tall green trees. Up until now, these trees were bare with just grey branches sticking out. 

Pink blossoms and purple leaves

As I was driving home from school, I noticed these pink blossoming trees all over our neighborhood.  The trees are much smaller in size as compared to the ornamental pear trees, but they have similar type of flowering blossoms.

What do you think about these trees?
Does anyone know what type of trees these are?


  1. Dear Miriam,

    What another lovely post.
    I must say you got me thinking about your pretty pink tree in blossom.

    I remember when I lived on the farm we had apple trees and many of them would blossom with pretty flowers just like the one in your photograph.

    Now Miriam is your tree an apple tree.

    Your blogging buddy,

  2. Dear Miriam,
    I checked with Dad to see if he remembered seeing any fruit on the trees. Lucky for us, he did! Last year he saw plums on the tree, but unfortunately they didn't taste very good. So I think the two trees are probably ornamental plum trees.


  3. Dear Miriam,

    I am really enjoying following your blog. You have such interesting posts with a perfect balance of text and images.

    I loved some of the words you used in this post, especially nestled, bare, and as compared to.

    I am quite jealous that spring is already starting there and you are surrounded by greenery and blossoms. It is still cold and gray here in Connecticut and spring is about two months away. One nice thing about a long winter, however, is that when spring does come it is like an explosion of color. It feels like the world is brand new.

    Mr. Salsich

  4. Wow! I love those types of blossoms! But I never really thought of what kind of tree it was. I know apple trees have pretty blossoms like that and my family has a cherry tree that also has pink flowers. So I think it's either a cherry tree or an apple tree.


  5. Hi Miriam

    I have seen blossoms on trees that line many of our streets in the suburbs here in Australia. I think it might be a decorative (ornamental) plum. If the leaves a deep purple colour when they come after the blossoms then I think this might be the type of tree that you found.
    The other thing that I realised from reading your post is that it will soon be spring where you live if the blossoms are blooming. We are still in Summer here in Adelaide, South Australia. We have the opposite seasons to you.
    I would like to commend you for being able to take photos and write blogs about everyday things that you see around your community. These blossoms won't last very long so you have captured a small moment in time and learnt a few things by sharing your observations with others.

    Keep up the blogging

  6. Dear Miriam
    I love the time right at the end of winter when you know spring is coming.

    We have a tree in our back yard that grows blossoms, and after some wind the yard looks like it has been snowing. My girls used to get very excited about it.

    Do you have daffodils growing in your garden in spring?

    from Mrs McKenzie

  7. Miriam,

    I always enjoy reading your blog. You're such a talented writer.

    The flowers on the trees remind a lot of Washington D.C. in the spring. All the tress sprout beautiful cherry blossoms. It's an amazing site. I love Washington D.C. anyway but even more that time of year!

    I can't wait until you share what type of tree it is!

    Your blogging buddy,
    Mr. Avery


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