Thursday, September 5, 2013

Visit to Yosemite National Park

Yosemite was a gorgeous place and if I could, I would visit there again.  We went with our grandparents and it was an incredible 5 days.  Yosemite has the most amazing view with waterfalls, rocks, pine trees, and other spectacular scenes.  People come from around the world to see this wondrous park. 

Every day there was a new activity planned.  On the first day, we decided to go hike up to Vernon Falls. The hike was all up hill and difficult, but it was worth it.  Vernon falls was the most gorgeous waterfall I had ever seen.  As the water crashed down the waterfall shot out this spectacular rainbow with all the colors. When you were on the top of the waterfall, you could feel the mist of the waterfall shooting out and you could smell the pine forest ahead.  We rested at Vernon Falls for about a half hour, and then my family and I split. My grandma and my twin brother and sister went down back to camp while my grandpa and my sister Sarah and I trekked up to Nevada Falls.  Nevada Falls also had a beautiful waterfall.   

Photo taken by Michael
Beauty of the park

Ready set go!
After this long trek up and down it was close to 6pm so we decided to go to the river by our place.  The boat was big and we were in the river for a while jumping out of the boat and paddling.   

Paddling with the wind

The nights were something we all looked forward to because that meant s'mores and fire. Every morning, we would collect wood for the night’s camp fire. 

Making Smores

Another day I enjoyed was horseback riding.  Sarah and I each went on a horse to mirror lake.  Bart my horse was a beautiful milk chocolate color. Sarah had a mule named Ned who was dark black with a touch of white on his face.  I hadn’t been on a horse by myself for a while, but I didn’t have to worry because Bart took over.  Yosemite is a place that I will never forget, and I would love to go camping here again.  

Getting ready to ride the horses

Have you ever been to Yosemite?


  1. Dear Miriam,
    We are glad that our first trip together was a success. You have beautiful pictures, especially I like Michael's picture. May be next year we can travel again. What place did you liked the most?
    Love you,
    Grandma Tanya and Grandpa Eugene

    1. Dear Grandma and Grandpa,

      Thank you so much for taking us on this amazing trip. I hope we weren't too much trouble for you and that you will take us again next year. My favorite place was the river in the camping grounds of Yosemite.

      I love you both,

  2. Dear Miriam,

    I loved your post about Yosemite National Park. Surprisingly, I had never been to Yosemite as a young person. Mr. Yollis took me there when I was in my thirties!

    When we were in Yosemite, we camped in a few locations. One night while we were sitting by the fire, a deer walked through our camp! I remember hiking to Bridalveil Falls. One day, I'd like to do the big 17 mile hike from the valley to Half Dome and back. We had not planned on that hike, so did not attempt it.

    One place that I really liked was Glacier Point. Were you able to head to that location?

    Your proud former teacher,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

    1. @Mrs. Yollis,

      Thank you for your wonderful comment. On an early morning walk with my grandfather, we saw a doe walking with its baby. It was so cute! We weren't able to make it to Glacier Point, but we did visit Bridalveil Falls. Most waterfalls and lakes had dried up as we went in August and it was very hot. We really wanted to go to half dome as well, but now they require a permit to go up to half dome to prevent overcrowding. Maybe next time we visit we will get a permit and try to go to half dome. The one thing that we realized is the importance to carry a lot of water. Each of us carried two bottles which was enough to Vernon and barely for Nevada falls, but definitely not enough to get to half dome. One hiker we met on the way carried 5 liters of water to get to half dome and back.

      Your former former former blogging loving student,

  3. Dear Miriam,

    I grew up in California, but surprisingly never have been to Yosemite. Mr. Watanabe has gone several times with friends. It's on my bucket list.

    However, first I'd like to take my kids to the Grand Canyon which is a bit closer to where we live in Arizona. Have you been to the Grand Canyon?

    Kind regards,
    Mrs. Watanabe

    1. Dear Mrs. Watanabe,

      Thank you for your wonderful comment. You really should go to Yosemite as it is an amazing place to visit. I traveled to the Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, and Bryce Canyon last year with my family. I am sure you and your kids will also enjoy those parks. The one place I really want to go next is Yellowstone National Park. I researched the state of Wyoming for a school project last year and it looked amazing.

      I hope you get a chance to visit these places!


  4. This is really a wonderful place to visit.I haven't be even there but i want to go there as soon as possible .

    Yellowstone National Park usa .

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  6. Dear Miriam,
    Your writing is beautifully descriptive and took me back almost 30 years to when I had the chance to travel to Yosemite. I don't remember too much except how close I felt to nature and that I especially loved the waterfalls.

    My name is Ms. Wolpowitz, I am your blog mentor and will be checking in with you every now and then over the challenge. If you'd like to add your location to this map,, I have students from all over and we can see where everyone lives. Remember not to put your real name.

    I look forward to reading more from you in the months to come.
    Ms. Wolpowitz

  7. This blog is very nice blog! I visualize the Yosemite International Park's view by your writing! I think this place is very good place to visit.

  8. Wow! I've never heard of Yosemite, but know, after reading your blog and looking at your pictures, I want to visit there! It looks amazing! Thanks for telling me all about it!


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