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Kauai has many rainbows because in the center of Kauai is the wettest spot on earth.  Almost everyday it rains and there are rainbows.  Even if it doesn't rain where we are we still sometimes see the rainbow because it is raining close by.  A rainbow is made up of seven colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet), which are the same colors that make up light. When it rains, the rain drops act as tiny prisms. When the light from the sun reflects against the tiny prisms formed by the drops, a rainbow forms.  


In California, we don't get many rainbows because it hardly ever rains. Whenever it rained in Hawaii, we would run outside and see if we can find a rainbow. The rain doesn't last very long, and neither does the rainbow. It was therefore important to act quickly to get the perfect photo. The morning I took the picture, it was raining and I was thrilled to wake up to see a rainbow.  I rushed down stairs (because the rainbow doesn't last long) to get the camera and fortuitously captured the rainbow. 


My favorite color of the rainbow and my favorite color of all time is yellow. Yellow is my favorite color because it is bright, and it makes me feel happy.    Any rainbow you see, yellow always stands out the most and yellow seems to be the thickest color of the rainbow.



I took this picture when we were swimming in the pool. The funny part, was that it was sunny and warm  where we were, however it was raining somewhere over the rainbow (just like in the movie)

Taken from my bedroom window




What is your favorite color of the rainbow?

Do you see many rainbows where you are?



  1. Dear Miriam,

    I love seeing rainbows just like you! Hawaii is the place to go if you want to see rainbows. On Kauai, it rained so much we saw one almost every day! Here is a link to a rainbow on our photo of the day that I took last year.

    One time, Mr. Yollis and I were driving back to our condo on Hawaii, it was a full moon, and it was misting a little. You're not going to believe this, but we saw a rainbow! It was very faint, as the moonlight was not as bright as the sun, but there it was. I will always remember it!

    Have you ever seen a double rainbow?

    Your proud former teacher,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

    1. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

      Your rainbow picture was excellent! You really are a great photographer. It must have been an amazing sight to see a rainbow when it is dark. I wish I could have seen it!

      While driving one day, we saw four rainbows, one on top of the other. It was amazing, but we couldn't get the photo in time. It was still really cool to see.


  2. Dear Miriam,
    What a wonderful picture you have of a rainbow!
    It's nice that you know how rainbow is formed.
    Unfortunately in California we do not have many rainy days and it's a rare occasion when we will see a rainbow.
    Love you,
    Grandma Tanya and Grandpa Eugene

    1. Dear Grandma Tanya and Grandpa Eugene,

      It is so nice of you to keep looking at my blog and leaving me such wonderful comments! Maybe one day you will go to Kauai together and see the rainbows.

      I love you!


  3. Dear Miriam,

    What lovely photos of the rainbow that you captured on your camera.

    I really love rainbows for when I was a child I remember all my friends telling me that there is always a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow you see.
    Now I have seen a lot of rainbows so that means a lot of pots of gold.

    I just love all the colours of the rainbow. Just the other day BB and I while I was driving home we saw a rainbow. It was funny because as I was driving I felt like we getting closer and closer to that rainbow maybe even that pot of gold.

    I am very interested when Mrs Yollis mentioned about a double rainbow now that would be a sight to see.

    From you friend down under,

    1. Dear AA,

      I love rainbows! I've also heard of the pot at the end of the rainbow, too bad it isn't true. In kindergarten, on Saints Patrick's Day, we have a party at school and the leprechaun always leaves us gold to find and collect on the play ground. The leprechaun also plays tricks on us.

      There are so many rainbows in Hawaii that we saw 4 of them, one on top of the other.

      Does it rain a lot in Australia?


  4. Dear Miriam ,
    We*ve read the post about your observation
    the interesting nature phenomena called " rainbow".
    You*ve found yourself in the Hawayyan islands
    where rains are almost every day.
    Playses with rains gives this phenomena. A lot of
    people see rainbows but not many of them think
    how this nature phenomen could happen. You think
    about nature of this phenomena. Your picture are so wonderful.
    Love grandma Mila and grandpa Isay

    1. Dear Grandma Mila and Grandpa Isay,

      It is so nice of you to keep reading my blog and leaving such sweet comments. I love rainbows and I just think they are so gorgeous. See you soon.


  5. Dear Sarah,
    Colourtastic post.

    I just love the rainbows. When I was in Grade 3 my grade learnt about rainbows and our teacher told us there a moonbows. Moonbows are only seen at night.

    My three favourite colours are blue, aqua and purple. I like purple because it is a nice and soothing colour. I like the colour blue because it is the same colour as the ocean. Last of all aqua I like aqua because it is a relaxing soothing colour like purple.

    When mum was driving once I got a photo of a rainbow twice on my i-Pod Touch.

    From your pal,


    :D :)

    1. @BB,

      I have never seen a Moonbow but I am sure they are gorgeous. I really like the word moonbow and have been walking around saying it to everyone. I also like blue and aqua which are my second favorite colors but my favorite is yellow.

      Have a great winter holiday!


  6. Aloha Miriam,
    I'm so happy you are enjoying Kauai! I too love rainbows. When I see a rainbow it reminds me of how rain renews the earth and makes things fresh and clean. My favorite color of the rainbow is purple and that is also my favorite color.
    A hui hou,
    Mrs. Jacobs

    1. @Mrs. Jacobs,

      Thank you for the comment. Rainbows are so beautiful! Purple is a very beautiful color. Why is purple your favorite color? How does this color make you feel? I hope you visit again soon! I hope to one day be able to meet you. I really want to visit Oahu.


  7. Hello Miriam,

    When I visited Hawaii, I only managed to visit Oahu and Hawaii (The Big Island). From your description, I missed the beauty of the island of Kauai.

    I can understand why it would have a high rainfall. With nothing between it and mainland U.S.A. apart from the Pacific Ocean, the air would be high in moisture awaiting only the right conditions to condense and fall as rain. With rainfall and sunshine we see one of nature’s beauties, a rainbow.

    When looking at your photo, I can see why you have yellow as your favourite colour. As you say, yellow does stand out the best and is a happy colour.

    From my readings, I know Kauai is the most northerly of the Hawaiian island chain. This would make it the geologically oldest island as newer islands are formed further south where the hot spot is active, i.e. under The Big Island.

    Did you know deep under the ocean south of The Big Island, volcanic activity is slowly building a new peak that will most likely one day become a new island?

    I was once writing to a class in the U.K. about volcanoes and spoke of hot spots, best seen when looking at Hawaii. Here is a link to show a Google Earth picture showing Hawaii and smaller mounds under the ocean stretching NW. If you look closely, you can see Kauai and further south The Big Island.


    Thank you for sharing your wonderful rainbow photo.

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

  8. Dear Mr. Mannell,

    Your writing is very nice and I hope that I will also someday be able to write as well as you. You always take the time and respond according to what the post is about and I always learn something knew.

    It is so nice that you got to travel to Hawaii. The big island is also gorgeous. I am so impressed that you know so much about Hawaii, especially since you live in Australia. I was especially interested that there may be another island forming as a result of the volcanoes. I shared this fact with my whole family. Too bad it will take such a long time and I will not get to explore it.

    I hope you visit again.

    ★ Miriam★


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