Monday, November 14, 2011

Thank you, Mrs. Tolisano!

Thank you, Mrs. Tolisano, for your kind words and including a link to my blog and Mrs. Yollis' blog on your blog post. 

 When I first received an email from Mrs. Yollis saying that you mentioned my blog, I was so excited that I decided to do a thank you post.

I first met Mrs. Tolisano through a Mystery Skype call we had last year.  A mystery skype is when two classes guess where the other class is located. My friends and I were the students who asked closed-ended questions. My other classmates had jobs to help us find where they lived by looking at resources such as an atlas and Google maps. When we guessed the incorrect location, it was the other teacher's turn to ask questions. At the end of the Skype call we ran out of time so we started giving clues to the teachers.  Finally, we found out that was in St. Louis, Missouri!

I was very lucky to have a such a wonderful teacher, Mrs. Yollis, who uses blogging as teaching tool in her classroom to improve our writing.  At the end of the year, I became a much better writer.

I have a few tips for teachers and students that I learned last year from blogging:

Tips for teachers:
  • Include interesting posts do your students will enjoy reading and commenting.
  • Make sure to add a new post every week so that readers can follow the blog and leave many comments.
  • Reward your students for leaving quality comments by letting them earn their own blog.
  • Set a good example for your students by responding to your students' comments.
Tips for students:
  • Never put more than one exclamation mark at the end of a sentence. If you want to put more than one exclamation mark, use more words.
  • Never put your email, home address, or any other personal information on the Internet.
  • In the beginning of your comment, try to compliment the blogger on their post and at the end of your comment try to ask a relevant question to create a conversation.
  • Don't write irrelevant information.
  • Read all comments left on a post so that you do not repeat the same information. 
  • Always proofread!
One of my favorite blogging buddies from Australia, Bianca, did a wonderful post on blogging etiquette that all students should read before starting to blog.

Can you think of other important tips for teachers or students?


  1. Aloha Miriam,
    Congratulations! What a special honor and so well deserved. I always look forward to your posts and can testify how you have grown as a writer.

    A good writer writes about what they know and that's exactly what you do.

    A hui hou my friend,
    Mrs. Jacobs

  2. Dear Miriam,

    I am so proud of you! The time you spend planning your posts, shooting the pictures, and commenting back to your readers is exemplary!

    You learned a lot last year as a third grader in my class, but you have continued to grow this year. It is wonderful for me to watch you develop as a writer!

    Your tips for teachers and for students are terrific. I love how you included a hyperlink to your fellow blogger friend, Bianca. It really demonstrates the power of a global online learning community.

    How do you decide what to write each week?

    Do you do any pencil and paper planning for the blog?

    Super job, Miriam!

    Your former teacher,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

  3. Dear Miriam,

    I am very impressed by the quality of your post. You have obviously spent quite a lot of time preparing it.

    When a blogger spends time preparing and posting something for others to read, they let everyone know they have something important to share because of the amount of effort they use.

    When people see how the blogger has worked hard on a post, they are much more likely to read and comment.

    Ross Mannell (teacher)
    NSW, Australia

  4. Dear Miriam,
    It is an honor to read your blog posts and see you grow as a writer right in front of my eyes. I wonder where your blog will take you as you grow even more! I will be using your blog as an example as I travel around the world teaching other teachers HOW to teach their students to write better and to connect globally.
    Isn't it an incredible feeling that you are able to reach so many people and be a TEACHER at your age already?

    Maybe I can skype you into one of my blogging workshops (like I did with your class last year)and you can tell about your blogging journey. What do you think?

    Keep reading! Keep writing! Keep connecting!

    Mrs. Tolisano
    aka Langwitches :)

  5. Dear Miriam,

    Congratulations! you desever this for so many reasons.

    I know why Mrs Yollis would be so proud of you beacase your posts are all so outstanding with every post having every element which makes it a perfect blog.

    I love visiting your blog because you always teach me something new.
    You have grown into a wonderful blogger/writer with a list of fans which just love everything about your blog. One of them been me. :)

    Just love your tips which you have included in this post too. And how lovely of you to include BB as
    your blogging pal.

    Keep blogging Miriam and well done.

    From your friend down under,

  6. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    I appreciate your lovely comment. Thank you for the support you have given to me while I was your student and afterwards.

    I try to write about what I know, places that I have visited, books that I have read, and other things that I think may interest readers. I like to try to vary the articles so that they are not all about the same thing.

    I usually don't start writing things down by pencil and paper. I sometimes have a hard time starting a post. It is hard for me to find a good first sentence. My mom advices me to just start writing and then edit at the end. Once I have typed up my thoughts, then I start rearranging the paragraphs and making sure everything is in the right place.

    Your former student,

  7. Dear Mrs. Jacobs,

    Thank you for your comment. I appreciate that you always take the time to leave me a comment. I think your tip is a great one for teachers and students.


  8. Dear Mr. Mannell,

    Thank you for your comment. Mrs. Yollis told me that is your birthday so I wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday! You have been a wonderful blogging buddy to me.

    Happy Birthday,

  9. Dear Mrs. Tolisano,

    Thank you for your complimentary comment. You are a wonderful teacher and maybe I will become a teacher when I grow up and teach my students how to leave quality comments.

    I would love to be part of your Skype calls. Mrs. Yollis suggested we Skype together with her class too.


  10. Dear Miriam,

    Well done and congratulations.

    Your are a wonderful blogger and you so desever this.
    I really love to visit your blog and so does my mum.

    Your post always teaches me something new.

    You are so kind to put my link into this very special post and I thankyou so much.
    Say hello to your mum from me too.

    From your blogging pal,
    Bianca. :)

  11. Dear BB,

    Thank you for your lovely comment. You are one of my favorite blogging buddies. Your blog is really great too. I always learn something new. My favorite has been the opposites post.

    I will keep visiting1

    Your blogging buddy,

  12. Dear AA,

    Thank you for your lovely comment. I appreciate that you always take the time to leave a comment on every new post I have.

    Your blogging buddy,


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