Thursday, January 20, 2011

Chocolate Chip Cookies

It was a cold and rainy day and we decided to make chocolate chip cookies.  First, we found a recipe and bought the necessary ingrediants that we didn't have at home. We chose the following recipe:
1 cup butter, softened                         
1 cup white sugar                             
1 cup packed brown sugar                
2 eggs                                              
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
3 cups all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
2 teaspoons hot water
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 cups semisweet chocolate chips

First, we creamed together the butter and sugar until smooth.

Then we beat in the eggs one at a time.

Next, we dissolved baking soda in hot water, and added it to the batter together with salt, vanilla, and flour.

Wow! Look at all that chocolate.

Then we added 2 and a half cups of chocolate chips which was everyone's favorite part.  We all tried the chocolate chips just to make sure they were good.  

Finally, we preheated the oven to 350 degrees and baked the cookies until the edges were slightly brown. The whole house smelled wonderful and the cookies were delicious. 

What do you like to do when it rains or snows?

Do you like to bake? 

What kind of special recipes do you have?


  1. Dear Miriam.

    Yummy I loved your post on how to make "Chocolate Chip Cookies".

    Yes, I must say I could smell them all way down under here. Once again really loved your photos with you and your little helper making those yummy cookies.

    On wet and cold days BB and I sometimes have a PJ day where we stay in our PJ's all day and play board games as well we love to make items of jewellery together.

    Will have to make an attempt to make your chocolate chip cookies and let you know how they turn out.

    Take care Miriam.
    Best wishes AA.

  2. Dear Miriam,

    What a delicious post!

    I love the way you set out the pictures so everyone could clearly see how you make the cookies.

    I think baking is a great thing to do on a rainy day. On rainy days I like to cook, blog or read!

    Did you know in Australia, we usually call cookies biscuits? Can you think of any other words that are different in Australia/USA?

    Your blogging buddy,
    Mrs Morris

  3. Dear Miriam,

    Your post made me a little hungry. You did such a great job explaining all the steps and describing the way the aroma filled the house that I could imagine being there when the cookies came out of the oven. Mmm, mmm! Sometimes I think the smell of fresh cookies is almost better than the taste. (Almost, but not quite.)

    We are supposed to get another snow storm tonight so I might have to run out and get some ingredients for cookies. Actually, I'm not much of a baker but I do like to make soups in the winter. I like chopping up all the different vegetables, simmering the beans, and mixing it all together. Soup also has a scent that fills the whole house.

    From your blog posts I can tell that you do a lot of fun things with your family. You are lucky to have such a great family, and they are lucky to have you!

    From your friend,
    Sheriff Salsich

  4. Mmmmmm....... I couldn't wait to read your blog post about baking chocolate chip cookies! I can just smell them and taste them in my imagination... You've made me so hungry that I think I'll have to go and bake some of my very own! I'm glad you included your recipe. (-:

    Your blog is wonderful! I hope that my Grade 7 students will be able to do make their blog as interesting and attractive as yours.

    Miss Beach
    Peterborough Ontario Canada

  5. Dear Miriam,
    Awesome cooking post.

    I like how you wrote about each thing that happend also that is awesome that you put an image up on everything that happend. It makes your post more interesting.

    This is what I like to do when it rains. I like to draw and be crafty, also I like to watch TV.

    Yes I do like to bake especially with my Nanna. We mostly make cakes.

    I am sad to say I really don't have any recipes.

    Hope to hear from you,

    From your pal,

  6. Dear Miriam,

    Those look like great cookies I want to eat them! When it rains I read or play. I bake banana chocolate chip cookies with my grandma. They are delious because they kind of taste like cookies.

    Your friend,

  7. My daughters always bake on rainy days. It is hard not to eat all the cookies I see when I come home from work.

  8. Miriam,

    Super recipe. I'll give it a try with my daughter during the next rainy/snowy day.

    During rainy or super snowy days, here in Vermont, cooking with my daughter is one of my favorite things to do. We often make oatmeal cookies. We also enjoy playing video games: Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Donkey Kong Returns are our favorites.

    Sometimes we play checkers, cards or Connect 4 as well.

    I love the images you included in your post. Great job.

  9. Dear Miriam,

    What a delicious post! :-) Like many of your readers have noted, I ♥ that you used some great digital images to help tell your story. My favorite is the one with you in the chef hat! You look so professional!

    Chocolate cookies are my favorite kind! I have a recipe very similar to yours that I got from my mom. Often times, I double the recipe so they last...a bit longer.

    You asked what I like to do on a rainy day. Sometimes, if it is raining real hard, I stay in my pj's like AA and BB! It's fun to have that kind of day!

    Maybe you'll have another baking post on your blog. It's nice to include the recipe like you did in case others want to make your special biscuits! :-)

    Your proud teacher,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

  10. Dear Miriam,

    I am so impressed with your writing! I wish you'd publish a cookbook. I'd love to follow all your instructions!

    My favorite part of your writing was when you mentioned that you tried the chocolate chips just to make sure they were good because I always do the same exact thing. The problem is, I try out too many of them and often don't have enough to put into the batter!

    What are some other things that you like to bake?

    Mr. Avery
    Plympton, Massachusetts
    Mr. Avery's Class Blog

  11. @Sheriff Salsich,

    You are very lucky to have another snowday. I wish it snowed here in Los Angeles.

    My dad cooks in the family. He is a really good cook and makes interesting dishes. My favorite is his meatballs and stir fry. he also cooks soup. He cooks vegetable and noodle soups.

    Hope you have a good time in the snow!


  12. @AA,

    Thank you for your comment. I also like to play board games. My favorite board game is monopoly.

    What kind of board games do you like to play?

    Hope you have fun trying to make chocolate cookies!


  13. @Mrs. Morris,

    I also like to blog and read. My dad is very good cook. He works as a chemist, but probably would make a good chef. What do like to cook?

    I never knew that they call cookies biscuts.

    We have different names for mother and candy. Insteady of mum we say mom, and insteady of lollies we say candy.


  14. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    I am glad that you liked my digital photos. I made the apron and my sister gave me her chef's hat.

    The biscuits did not last that long. We accidently cooked them in the oven for too long and the bicuits came out a little hard but they tasted good anyway.


  15. @ Miriam,

    The board games which I enjoy playing with BB and her dad is scrammble,Kerplunk and Monopoly.

    I have to say I am really not good at Monopoly as BB and her dad are really good at playing Monopoly. I somehow always end up broke.

    Will have to make this wonderful cookies hopefully before BB goes back to school

    Your truly,

  16. @Charles,

    I like to play connect four and cards too. I have made some oatmeal cookies as well, and sometimes we put chocolate chips into the oatmeal cookies.

    You are very lucky to be getting snow. It is 76 degrees here in Los Angeles.

    Hope you have fun baking!


  17. Dear BB,

    I am sorry that you don't have any recipes but I'm glad that you know how to bake cakes.

    I also like to draw.

    What kinds of things do you like to draw?


  18. Mira,

    I don't know if you knew this but your Auntie Elana is a much better cook than your mom! Next time I will show you how it's is really done! :)

    Love you,


  19. Dear Miriam,

    Thank you for sharing your chocolate chip cookie recipe. It sounds so yummy! I have to try it some time.

    I also like to bake on rainy days. I especially like to eat what I bake on rainy days! I also enjoy reading on rainy days or any day for that matter!

    I don't have any special recipes right now but I will share them with you as soon as I have one.

    Your friend,

  20. Dear Miriam,

    I absolutely loved my mom's cookies when I was growing up. I grew up in the San Francisco Bay area, so we did not have snow days. However, where I live now in Arizona, we do have heat days.

    Did you know that it gets over 115 degrees outside here in Arizona? When it's that hot, teachers keep their students in at recess and the students get to watch a movie. It reminds me of a rainy day schedule.

    Thanks for the wonderful post! I think I'm going to go bake cookies with my kids.

    Mrs. Watanabe

  21. @ Miriam,
    Thank you for replying back to me.
    These are the things I like to draw, people, butterflies, I try to copy draw animals.

    What things do you draw?

    I am glad I know how to bake cakes with my Nonna. I love spending time with my Nonna.

    From your friend Bianca.

  22. Dear Meriam,

    When it is cold, rainy, or snowy out I like to make hot chocolate. I love to put marshmallows on it. When you said the whole house smelled wonderful from the cookies it reminded me of when my mom makes cinnamon rolls for breakfast. I can smell them from my room. Do you make cinnamon rolls?

    From, Grayson

  23. That sounds really good I think maybe I will go make them right now this very second!!!!

  24. @Grayson,

    Thank you for leaving me a comment. I don't make cinnamon rolls but I have had some before and I like them too. I also like hot chocolate when it is cold.



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